Buying a used injection molding machine is a significant investment, so you have to make sure to get it right. But with markets filled with unreliable private sellers and deceitful brokers, landing a reputable used equipment dealer often seems impossible.

However difficult to find, used equipment dealers are not that rare. All you need is the right approach to finding the right seller, good research capabilities, an understanding of your requirements, and a bit of insight into buying used equipment, and you will find a great source in no time.

But what is the right approach? In this post, we will discuss just that. Read below to find some insightful tips on how you can find an excellent source for buying used plastic machinery.

Finding a Reliable Used Injection Molding Machines Dealer – It’s Easier Than You Think.

Nowadays, the search for everything begins with Google. But when looking for an injection molding machine, you may want to take a different start.

Here’s a step-by-step approach you can adopt and find yourself a promising used plastic injection molding machines seller:

Talk to the Peers in Your Industry

Your fellow plastic molders would most likely have bought used plastic machinery before, and reaching out to them for advice on who to buy from might be a good idea. These people would’ve done their research before buying the equipment and will have enough knowledge to offer sophisticated advice.

Moreover, the used equipment sellers that your fellow plastic molders would suggest will more likely be in your city or close to your facility, which will help save on the shipment cost.

Additionally, these people will have firsthand experience of buying from their recommended sellers and will most likely not have any personal gain involved with their recommendation. So they will offer good and unbiased advice.

Now Comes Google Search

Once you have gathered advice from multiple plastic molders and have made a list of all potential sellers, it’s time to turn to the internet and narrow it down.

Asking from fellow molders and then turning to Google gives an advantage of only researching the sellers that you can actually buy from, rather than wasting your time considering a seller only to find that they don’t deal in the kind of machine you want or that they have a terrible reputation in the plastic molding world.

Type in the name of each seller into the search bar, and Google will most likely lead you to their website, which itself is a good sign because having a company website helps to legitimize a business.

Now that you have access to the website of a potential seller, you can continue with your “Good Seller Research” because their website will most likely provide enough information for you to decide whether you want to continue with this particular seller or move on to the next.

Does the Seller Offer Branded Equipment?

After reaching the used injection molding machine seller websites and before shortlisting them, the first thing to consider is to check whether they offer branded equipment.

Sellers who have branded machinery on their listing, like used Nissei injection molding machines, are more than likely to be professional because acquiring used branded plastic molding equipment, refurbishing them, and putting them on sale demands time and capital, and expertise. And if a seller is investing all of that, it means they are serious about what they do and can be a good resource for you.

Look for A Seller with Experience in Selling Used Equipment

Make sure to shortlist sellers who have experience in dealing with used injection molding machines.

Experienced sellers are not only good at handling customer affairs, but they have connections with best-of-breed used injection molding machine suppliers and are more likely to fix you up with a good machine.

Moreover, years in the industry vouch for a seller’s good service. A used machinery seller who has been in the business for decades must be good at what they do. Otherwise, wouldn’t they have gone out of business?

Make Sure the Seller Welcomes You Onsite for Inspection

As we said above, buying injection molding equipment, or any machinery for that matter, regardless of their being old or new, is a substantial investment, and you want it to go right. For this, it is crucial that you thoroughly inspect the equipment before purchasing it.

The best inspection is done onsite and with expertise in assessing the features and specifications of the machine. Therefore, you want to choose an injection molding machine seller who invites you onsite to inspect the equipment and offers to run the equipment for you to check how well it works.

If you are not in the vicinity of the seller, then such a seller must be willing to share videos and pictures of the machine, showing the machine in action and all of its features.

Professional Company or Private Seller?

Another important fact that you need to consider when choosing the right source for your used plastic machinery supply is whether the source is an established firm specializing in dealing with used plastic molding equipment or if they are private sellers selling machines they have been using themselves.

It is always recommended to go for a used equipment selling company because these sellers have their benefits invested in your satisfaction and will go to lengths to ensure that their service meets your expectations.

Moreover, the machines they would offer will be refurbished, instead of used, unlike the private sellers. At this point, it is vital to understand the difference between used and refurbished machines.

Buy Refurbished, Not Used

The terms used and refurbished are often used interchangeably when it comes to machinery. However, the difference between them is stark and must not be ignored.

Used machines are usually at the end of their useful life, with parts damaged and labeled unsuitable for operation. Such machines are usually unserviceable, and you want to stay away from people selling these machines.

On the other hand, refurbished machines are also used, but they have been “renovated” to extend their useful life. Refurbished machinery sellers buy used machines, replace the damaged parts, fix the machine to make it functional, and extend its useful life.

When buying plastic molding machinery, you may want to find a seller who offers refurbished machines because investing in such a machine ensures that you get good value out of it.

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