Our Suppliers

Learn more about our respected plastics equipment suppliers that offer quality solutions for a wide range of injection molding process needs.
Specializing in injection molding, Nissei offers a full line of servo hydraulic (hybrid) and all-electric plastic and rubber injection molding machines. Machines range in size from 7 – 2000 tons to provide customers with solutions for a wide variety of applications. Nissei offers numerous machine configurations including horizontal, vertical machines for molding inserts, bi-injection machines, silicone injection molding machines and more.


A full line of reliable, yet economical sprue pickers and traverse robots offering fast cycles, minimal maintenance, high durability and low noise. Available to fit a wide range of press sizes and easily adaptable for clean room operation.

Star Automation Inc.

Providing leading edge solutions for your material drying and conveyance needs. Matsui dryers are engineered to perform maintenance free for years, offer a 15-year desiccant rotor life and provide a straight line dew point unobtainable from multi-tower systems. In addition to unique drying systems, Matsui offers mold temperature controllers, low-speed screenless granulators, loading systems and blenders.


For over 60 years, Mokon has set the standard for high quality heating and cooling process temperature control systems. Mokon’s product applications extend across plastics, food processing, pharmaceutical, and many other industries.


Modular and easily reconfigurable conveyors that allow for flexibility and cost savings. A variety of available options include box filling systems, clean room and food grade conveyors, parts cooling, parts separation, and metal detection.

Dynamic Conveyor

Experts in screenless granulation, the SRS line of press-side low-speed granulators provide consistently uniform regrind and reduced fines. Dust and fines removal systems allow for consistent, quality regrind at all times.

Size Reduction Specialists (SRS)

Materials handling systems for plastics molding, extrusion and compounding. Maguire specializes in gravimetric material blenders, vacuum type dryers, material loaders and receivers, purge recovery systems, and gaylord sweeper systems.


Leading supplier of barrels, feed screws, screw tips, nozzles, and end caps for plastic molding machines. Years of experience has resulted in a complete offering of both standard and mixing feed screw products for the industry. Known for quick turnaround times and precision components, Plasti-Co does not simply offer replacement parts, they provide a solution!.


Plug-and-play production monitoring system built for the plastics industry. Allows users to track production and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) in real-time.


Quick mold change systems designed to help injection molders reduce machine downtime and increase production efficiency. Specializes in hydraulic, pneumatic and magnetic solutions including powered clamping systems, quick ejector rods, mold locators and leveling units, and multi couplers.