How to Purchase Used High-Quality Injection Molding Equipment


Plastic injection molding Machinery is probably one of the most popular kinds of equipment in the process of manufacturing plastic parts and components. It is arguably the heart of this kind of business. Choosing to buy used equipment is a smart move. It could mean a lot of savings in terms of capital, especially for a business that is just starting out. At the same time, it could also contribute a lot in the efforts of saving the environment, lessening the growing mechanical waste problem now facing the world.

Selecting the right and high-quality injection molding machine can be tricky. Because some vendors just want to make the sale, they might opt to tricking and taking advantage of their customers. They might resort to just repainting the old equipment—making their clients believe that they have done their job at making it good as new. Sometimes, old, used, and abused equipment would be sold with all its defects and wear and tear, without the knowledge of the customer.

Some people think that because of its secondhand condition, it is understandable and justifiable that it wouldn’t last a long time. Of course, there might be loose screws or inaccurate parts! But no, keep in mind that despite its used condition, it is still an investment and you should get what you paid for and more.

But of course, not everyone in the market today wants to take advantage of their fellow businessmen with faulty equipment. Many still implement mechanics on staff and do their part to completely refurbish the used equipment, making sure to extend its useful life for years to come.

Opting to buy refurbished injection molding equipment can be one of the best decisions a starting business can make. Used injection molding equipment can be a wise business decision as long as that equipment is carefully and meticulously refurbished with quality parts and mechanical know-how. You just have to make sure that you buy used and refurbished machines of the highest quality from a reputable vendor, to ensure that the worth of your products are not jeopardized and lessened. Here are some of the things you should consider before sealing the deal.

First, you should understand the clear distinction between used and refurbished.

The difference between used equipment and refurbished equipment is simple: while both have been pre-owned and used, refurbished equipment has been fixed, cleaned, and readied for a long life, while used equipment is more of a gamble. Used might offer a slightly lower price than refurbished, but it’s also not a guarantee that what you’re buying is going to be in top-quality condition when you get it.

Decide whether you want to get used equipment, or refurbished equipment and gather options based on your choice.

Do the research.

Especially about the price. Since these machines are not brand new, of course their prices should be lower than brand new machines. The price range should have a remarkable and substantial difference.

Aside from the price, be aware of the parts of the machine that are typically damaged easily or first. If the equipment you are considering buying has problems and issues regarding those problem parts, it might not be a good idea to pursue the deal.

Gathering your options: Where to buy?

Buying from Manufacturers’ Representatives:

Manufacturer’s representatives are commonly used for selling brand new equipment.  Some of these reps will take the used injection molding machines as a trade-in or just to help their customers by taking it off their hands.  Other manufacturer’s reps might not accept the used equipment at all.

Among those that accept the used machinery, they might sell it for scrap and recycle it, sell it as-is for a steep discount for the buyer, or they might refurbish it to extend its useful life.  The representatives that do the refurbishing will sell the refurbished machines at a discount from new, but still more than just a used machine would cost.  The idea is that the refurbishing process adds years to the life of the machine and therefore is worth the added cost.

Most importantly, finding a manufacturer’s representative that is competent and honest in business will produce the best results in procuring used, but high-quality injection molding equipment.